4 Super Fun Classes To Keep You Fit This Winter

Winter is typically the season for packing on pounds. After all, the holidays are a time for eating, and beach season is long gone. But you don’t have to let your physical fitness fall by the wayside. You can stay in shape and have fun at the same time, simply by finding a challenging and exciting fitness class to get you through to the spring. Here are just a few great examples to consider:

Add Years To Your Life With This One Simple Change

There’s a simple change you can make today – even right now, possibly – that will do more to save your life than you realize.

It’s surprising, too, how natural and perfectly normal it is and yet how many people will think you’re odd for doing it (but who said being odd was a bad thing, eh? 🙂 )

For example, the first week I did it people would stop by, laugh a bit, and ask me why in the world I’d want to do it. Others would spot me, chuckle, shake their heads, and walk away.

Tim Ferriss and Justin Hamade Are My Personal Trainers

So far on the ol’ blog I’ve talked about food, recipes, eating, cheating, sticking to the meals, and food. There’s a smattering of other topics in there, but I bet if you did some stats on the words, you’d see what I love talking about. Which is OK, because I think the majority of us are in it because we love food.

I can’t, however, keep going without talking about the one thing that hardly any of us “big boned” people like talking about.

Through the 4-Hour Body, I’ve acquired two personal trainers without spending a lot of money on them (although they’d be worth it). I want to share what they’ve taught me with you today.

Lose Weight by Living Like a Sexy South American

South Americans are some of the sexiest and fittest people in the world.

When you think of European or Brazilian beaches, you automatically think of the most gorgeous people in the world (or old guys in speedos…eeww). It’s true, though. When I was in South America, even though I didn’t see a beach, I saw the most number of fit people per capita than I’ve ever seen anywhere else. Didn’t see that many speedos though…

It’s also not a secret that the US is one of the fattest countries in the world. So when my Paraguayan wife came into town for the first time, I took the opportunity to ask her what are some habits she has seen that make us fat? She had some interesting things to say.