Finding Your Fitness Around The Web

I got to thinking the other day that I’ve written a lot of posts for other communities that I’ve never shared here. I started to feel like I’ve been baking cookies for the neighbors while neglecting my own family!

So today, I want to make that right. I’ve talked about having the right attitude, cooking supplies, and a few cooking tips and recipes here and there. I’ve been proud of the stuff I’ve written on other blogs, and I sometimes was sad that I couldn’t put that on this blog.

It’s Like Pavlov’s Bell

Have you ever seen photos of food, and like Pavlov’s dogs you just start drooling uncontrollably? If not, you’re not a foodie. If you have, read on…

4HB Stories Edition 5: The Last One

Only one article came in this time, so without beating around any kind of bush, I’ll get to it: The Price of the Slow Carb Diet Justin Passmore submits to us an article about the costs associated with a month on slow-carb. He outlines what he’s been buying and gives us tips on how we […]

Intersections: Nerdy Games, Healthy Hamstrings, and Skinny Friends Edition

This week in FMF Intersections:

  • A blurb about my favorite kinds of games
  • A couple videos about running that are inspiring me lately
  • An article from ABC about low-carb diets
  • Suggestions that you have more influence on your skinnier friends than you might think
  • A reminder about the next blog carnival!


Intersections: Best Links of the Comments Edition

You have made my blogging experience absolutely astounding. I wouldn’t trade any of this past several months for the world.

I absolutely love reading the comments you leave. I find loads of encouragement from them, and you often challenge me. The challenges I get from the comments are immensely valuable!

With over 90 posts’ worth of comments to chose from, I wanted to bring to the front some of my favorite links that you have given me. I hope others who might not have seen them will enjoy them as much as I have.