4HB Results: I Guess It’s Not Broken

The good news is my scale started moving down again.

Sometimes I’m confused by the numbers. It doesn’t bother me too much today because everything went down, but my legs, for example, haven’t changed in a long time. Sometimes they even seem bigger. Maybe I’m not measuring them correctly. My legs have always looked (to me) more slender than other guys my size, so I’m not worried too much.

My wife told me again that I feel thinner when she hugs me. She’s a very intelligent woman, and I trust her judgement. 😉

4HB Results: I Think My Scale Is Broken

Maybe my scale is broken. It keeps returning to 291.6. I was as high as 296 for my cheat day, but this morning I’m at 291.6 again. I also think it likes even increments because I hardly ever see a “.5”. Good thing I use a tape measure too (although I’m not so happy with that item either…).

Anyway, yesterday I talked about assessing your progress and making plans for Quarter 3. I think that’s a good idea for me since I haven’t had much movement in a month and a half. I think I need to go back to some more basics, not just in the food (p.s., I’m still basic with food and loving it).

4HB Results: Japan, March, and Last Week

In today’s result post, find out:

  • about the donations I’m sending to Japan from FMF income
  • how the March challenge went for me
  • what the previous week on 4HB was like
  • 4HB Results: Why Healthy Choices Are Relative

    How many of you have struggled through weight loss by drinking “diet” shakes or only eating frozen “diet” dinners or eating twinkies but only limiting your calories?

    How many of you felt like poo while doing it? How many of you quit before losing 10 lbs because it wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle?

    Let me tell you a secret: you don’t need that stuff to lose weight.

    On Monday, I told you I was going to follow 4HB by the book – literally – to see how much difference it makes. That meant that I would only eat the food Tim talks about in the “Subtracting Fat” section – no guessing, no unknown food, no cheating. Today’s results might be quite indicative of that difference.

    4HB Results: Did PAGG Work?

    This was my first week on PAGG. I’ll get into the answer later, but the short one is “I’m pretty sure it did.” I’ve decided to start rather than end today’s post with my weekly results because I want to explain them after you see them.