Slow-Carb Breakfast – Microwave Spring Veggie Frittata

Finally, for the first time in four years, I have a garden that actually did something. At least from my perspective, I’m really getting a bumper crop. We’ve got so much zucchini that I can’t even give it all away. So I’m using these freshly harvested veggies, and because of a pregnant wife’s weird food (in)tolerances, I’ve had to make my breakfast at work in the microwave. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Ultimate Fat-Burning Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

There’s a good chance – a very good chance – that you has made some drastic improvements to their health this past year. That’s awesome! Wouldn’t it be great to give the gift of better health to folks you love?

Well, there sort of is a way. I’ve put together a list of resources that would be great gifts for your friends and family who are interested in bettering their health and fitness. Maybe you’ll even want to give yourself one this year for being so good! 🙂

Slow-Carb Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Keep your Thanksgiving meal as slow-carb as you want it with these awesome recipes! Some are not strict slow-carb (most are), but all are at least strict paleo.

Organic Eating Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive, Here’s How!

This is a guest post from Romayne Warner. As more and more of the food industry’s nefarious practices are exposed in the harsh light of day, concerned consumers are turning to organic produce. A surging demand for organic produce accompanied by a limited supply has driven up prices, and organic eating is now often viewed […]

It Starts With Food – Book Review

Back in September 2011, my wife and I participated in a Whole30 challenge and had some great results. We both lost some weight, but more than that we realized how different foods made us feel once we integrated them back into our diet.