How He Lost An Average of 2.21 Pounds Per Week For Over 7 Months

My wife and I attempted slow carb a few years ago. I lost 28 pounds in about 3 months and then we just stopped. I was nowhere near what my goal was but we just kept cheating and over time we stopped weighing ourselves. Eventually I was forced to take it very serious.

Monthly Fitness Report for November 2011

It wasn’t the best month, and it wasn’t the worst. I have to admit something to you. When I publish a post here that is all motivating and has tips and tricks to avoid certain situations, it’s usually because I just passed through a situation and took some time to think about how I can get over it next time. My posts are almost always for me, and I just post them in case you need to read something like that as well. The reason I’m saying that is because even though I posted about having a great holiday season in terms of fat loss, mine has been mediocre at best. As much as I want to avoid the sweets of the season, I’m finding it pretty hard.

Monthly Fitness Report for October 2011

Welcome to my first monthly Fitness Report!
I got the idea for this from Patt Flynn, who posts his monthly income reports regularly. He’s extremely open about how much he makes and spends and how and what on. I thought that being that open about my fitness here might be just what “the doctor” ordered.
Every month I’m going to write a report about my fitness-related activities from the previous month. I may not be tracking calories and exact workouts (sometimes I will), but I will start posting monthly measurements and photos.

How Whole30 Changed Our Lives

This weekend my wife and I finished our 30 days of strict Paleo. It’s true that we’re different than we were a month ago.

Not all of the changes are visible, but they’re mostly noticeable. Weight has changed, attitudes have changed, and – surprisingly – relationships with food have changed.

So What’s It Like On Whole30?

At the beginning of September, my wife and I started Whole 30. We did it primarily so we could see if diet would help all sorts of issues, like I was beginning to believe.

After two solid weeks, I have indeed noticed some changes.