4HB Stories Edition 5: The Last One

Only one article came in this time, so without beating around any kind of bush, I’ll get to it: The Price of the Slow Carb Diet Justin Passmore submits to us an article about the costs associated with a month on slow-carb. He outlines what he’s been buying and gives us tips on how we […]

The 7 Best 4HB Blogs You Should Be Reading

Probably like you, after reading The 4 Hour Body I went on the internet to find more information and blogs about it. Unlike you (unless you started say in March or later), I didn’t find much.

I’ll say it: you are spoiled! 🙂

FindingMyFitness started in December, and I’m proud to consider myself one of the first bloggers to enter the Four Hour Body niche. I’m also very proud to be surrounded by so many very talented bloggers who are carving out their own space in this niche.

These days people new to 4HB will have no trouble finding a plethora of places to go for more information. To make it that much easier for you to find some, I present to you – in alphabetical order – my Top 7 list of 4 Hour Body blogs!

Intersections: Nerdy Games, Healthy Hamstrings, and Skinny Friends Edition

This week in FMF Intersections:

  • A blurb about my favorite kinds of games
  • A couple videos about running that are inspiring me lately
  • An article from ABC about low-carb diets
  • Suggestions that you have more influence on your skinnier friends than you might think
  • A reminder about the next blog carnival!


Intersections: Best Links of the Comments Edition

You have made my blogging experience absolutely astounding. I wouldn’t trade any of this past several months for the world.

I absolutely love reading the comments you leave. I find loads of encouragement from them, and you often challenge me. The challenges I get from the comments are immensely valuable!

With over 90 posts’ worth of comments to chose from, I wanted to bring to the front some of my favorite links that you have given me. I hope others who might not have seen them will enjoy them as much as I have.

Intersections: Men’s Health, Sugar Free, and Inspiration Edition

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted the last Intersections article. At first I didn’t have enough links, but now I have so many I have to cut some! These are the best of what I found this week.