Intersections: Sledgehammers, Coffee, and Singing Angels Edition

So I made it through my first cheat day trying to get everything right. I’ll be honest, I noticed several differences: I probably ate less than I would have; I feel like I worked out; and, well, other physiological things happened. I was up 4 lbs this morning, but I think Elvis is going to leave the building soon.

As far as links go, I’ve got for you

  • a new exercise routine
  • how to brew the perfect coffee
  • a new way to make tacos
  • a 4HBer who recently launched a CD
  • and a video of Tim on Rachael Ray!

Intersections: Manipulation, Gardening, Superhuman Edition

It’s rainy and cold here today, so it’s a perfect day to sit down with some links from around the interwebs. In today’s roundup, you’ll see some real, fantastic 4HB results; an encouraging letter; tips on gardening; working out when you travel; “proof” that you may not be able to control yourself; and more.

Intersections: Food, Old Links, and New Blogs Edition

This week there are two articles on food enhancers that actually mess with us, an amazing paleo pancake recipe, an interview with Tim Ferriss, and more! At the end there’s a new blogger section. Let’s get cookin’!

Intersections: Monkeys Chillin’ on the Weekend Edition

In this week’s link roundup:

  • A new 4HB wiki
  • A new 4HB forum
  • A zen master
  • Why it’s OK to be a heretic
  • A new 4HB blogger that you’ve likely heard of for other reasons
  • Intersections: Guest Post Edition!

    It’s Friday again, and that means it’s time for a roundup! I also have sort of an announcement for all of my readers. Today I have a guest post being featured on GetFitSlowly! I’ve been following GFS for a year or so, but during that time I wasn’t focused on my own fitness. Now that I am, I wanted to contribute. Mac started sort of the same way I am, finding his own journey towards fitness. He’s way ahead of me, which is why I love reading his stuff. Especially if you’re a dabbler in the Paleo lifestyle, you definitely need to check out Get Fit Slowly!