It Starts With Food – Book Review

Back in September 2011, my wife and I participated in a Whole30 challenge and had some great results. We both lost some weight, but more than that we realized how different foods made us feel once we integrated them back into our diet.

How Whole30 Changed Our Lives

This weekend my wife and I finished our 30 days of strict Paleo. It’s true that we’re different than we were a month ago.

Not all of the changes are visible, but they’re mostly noticeable. Weight has changed, attitudes have changed, and – surprisingly – relationships with food have changed.

What to Eat: Green Olive and Almond Tapenade

You get a lot of recipes you never really were looking for. They come in the mail on fliers, on the back of food labels, or in store circulars you picked up just to see what was on sale. A lot of it is probably crap, but sometimes you find a gem.

This is one such gem!

Whether you’re following the slow-carb or a paleo diet, this recipe is sure to be a great snack option for you. Lots of food textures and flavors delight your senses, and its versatility make it go with a host of different foundations.

So What’s It Like On Whole30?

At the beginning of September, my wife and I started Whole 30. We did it primarily so we could see if diet would help all sorts of issues, like I was beginning to believe.

After two solid weeks, I have indeed noticed some changes.

A Primer on the Whole 30 Challenge

After listening a lot to Robb Wolf and on some advice of a few good friends, my wife and I started what is called Whole 30.

She hadn’t been doing slow-carb with me because she loves bread too much, but after I had mentioned how it helps a lot of people to take grains out, she was on board for Whole 30. But only because she can eat fruit.

What is Whole 30?