Thai Chicken and Slow-Carb “Rice”

Thai Chicken and Slow-Carb "Rice"
When someone at work asks if I want Thai food, it’s like Pavlov’s bell. I almost can’t get enough. That’s why I’m really excited to share this with you.

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I was sitting in a Thai restaurant a few weeks ago picking the rice out of what looked like an otherwise slow-carb meal. It was sweet, and I didn’t like that I couldn’t be sure the sauce didn’t have some sugar in it. So I decided to make my own. The vague sweetness comes from unsweetened coconut milk, and the rice is actually cauliflower (I have to give props to my friend Brian for that one). The cilantro and chili make this dish really pop!


  • 1 chicken breast, sliced
  • 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • bit of olive oil
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced thick
  • 1/2 red pepper, sliced thick
  • 1/4 c unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp Thai red chili sauce
  • few sprigs of cilantro, chopped
  • 1-2 c grated cauliflower


  1. In a skillet over med-high heat with oil, stir fry chicken and garlic until chicken is browned. Remove the chicken (leave the garlic)
  2. Add onions and stir fry a bit, then add the peppers (you don’t want either of them too raw nor too undercooked)
  3. On the side, combine the coconut milk with the chili sauce
  4. At the very end, toss the cilantro into your vegetables to pull out that flavor and turn down the heat.
  5. Add the chicken, stir fry for a few seconds, and then put all of that on a plate and pour over it the coconut chili sauce you made.
  6. Now add your cauliflower “rice” to the pan with a *little bit* of water and cover. This will sort of steam it. It’ll cook for about 2-3 minutes before it’s soft.
  7. Once your “rice” is done, put that on your plate too and enjoy!

Taking it further

When I made this the last time, I also put one whole diced jalapeño. You can certainly ramp up the heat if you’d like (I usually go American hot at the restaurant). Also, you could just end up stir frying the whole lot in the pan as opposed to cooking the cauliflower separately. Completely up to you!

I’d love to hear how you like it!

Next week: roasted summer squash with fresh onions

Buen provecho!

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  1. That “rice” is a super awesome idea that I am going to try!

    • Here’s a protip: you can do faux mashed potatoes much the same way; you just use a processor to chop them down further, and maybe a bit of coconut milk to cream it up. 😉

  2. Just tried this and it was delicious! The ‘rice’ really helps round out the meal, too.

    Keep up the recipes!

  3. Loved it! What kind of chili sauce do yo use? I ended up using Thai red curry paste, which I thought worked well. It was spicy but good. I doubled the recipe to serve 2 and added a bit more than the recommended coconut milk. Anyway, I loved it! Great way to use cauliflower.

    For Asian dishes, I also like using broccoli slaw as a substitute for noodles (I’ve got a chicken and peanut noodles recipe that uses these “noodles” and includes pureed beans in the sauce).

    • Thanks, John! I think it’s just a normal chili garlic sauce. It literally said “thai red chili sauce” on the jar.

      Never thought about using broccoli as a substitute. How does that work? Do you just keep the crowns intact, or do you shred it all?

      Thanks again for stopping by! Let me know if you try any others.

      • I buy broccoli slaw that comes in a package, but I’m pretty sure they just shred the stalks and add some shredded carrots and purple cabbage. With all the people who just want the crowns, I guess they had to do *something* with the rest of all that broccoli! I’m not quite sure how I’d go about shredding the broccoli stalks at home to get the same noodle-like effect.

        I was looking through your other recipes last night and I’m definitely looking forward to trying many more of them–it’s a nice resource you’ve got here! Thanks for doing it!

        • It’s totally my pleasure, my friend. I like coming up with the stuff, and I like that other people like it. 🙂 If you’ve got friends on slow-carb, send them on over. 🙂


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