The 4-Hour Chef – Due Out In April 2012

4 hour chef

totally stole this from Stephen @ 4hlife

Have you heard the news? It sounds like we’re getting a cookbook from the man himself!

Update: I found out in late November that preorders are open! Click to get your copy on Amazon for $15!

The 4-Hour Chef

On his blog, Tim Ferriss doesn’t say much about the book, but he does say that “I have every intention of making this the biggest thing I’ve ever done.”

Amazon signed Tim as their first author and is publishing it. They’ll put it out in print, audio, and digital formats so you’ll be able to enjoy it on whichever device you see it.

According to the Amazon press release, the cookbook will have “recipes and cooking guidelines from world-renowned chefs and interspersed with the revolutionary advice Ferriss’ fans have come to expect.” Maybe it’ll help me really become a master chef!

Fun times ahead

Because of the nature of Mr. Ferriss, I’m sure the internet will abuzz about 4 Hour Chef until it’s launch (and then a while after). It’s going to be a fun ride.

At first I thought to myself, “How the heck am I supposed to sell a slow-carb cookbook if Tim Ferriss is my competition?!”

Then I realized how fantastic this book will be for everyone who thinks the slow-carb diet is boring. I also found something exciting:

From Tim’s blog:

if you would like to contribute to The 4-Hour Chef (experiments, guest sidebars, recipes, etc.), please let me know here

Yeah, I let him know there. 😉

I need your help!

I really want to get a recipe or two in this book. Do me a favor and tell Tim Ferriss to check out my blog, especially my recipes!

Click to tweet him a message! Tweet TF!

If I get in, I’ll owe it all to you.

So…how many of you will be pre-ordering 4 Hour Chef at the first chance you get?

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