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These days, you can do just about anything with a smartphone: you can order takeout, pay your bills, control other gadgets, and even remotely start your car. One of the best parts about apps though, is the ability to track your health and fitness with it in a way that is convenient and accurate. Here are 10 mobile fitness apps that will take your workouts and diet to the next level:

1. Moves
Moves turns your phone into a pedometer that stays in your pocket. Not only will it track your steps, but it will also keep track of pedals and other unique movements. You’ll get an accurate idea of how many calories you’re burning with Moves’ included timeline. Moves makes exercising easy and simple!

2. FitStar
FitStar is designed to cater to any user, regardless of experience level. The app provides a huge database of equipment-free workouts, so that you can exercise anywhere at any time. After downloading, you’ll take an initial fitness test that will help you determine the appropriate intensity level for your workouts. That’s how easy it is to get started.

3. JeFit Workout
JeFit Workout is the set/rep tracker app that you’ve been searching for. With JeFit Workout, you can keep track of your workouts in real time without needing to pack a crumpled scrap of paper and pencil around the gym. JeFit Workouts also includes a calendar for charting out your workout/rest days.

4. Pact
Do you ever find yourself second guessing a trip to the gym? Pact might be able to change your mind about exercise forever. With Pact, users are paid real money when they stick to their fitness and diet routines. When they fall off the wagon, they’re required to pay up. The user community of Pact fully funds the virtual “money bowl,” so essentially, you can earn some serious cash off of those who don’t stick to their fitness goals.

5. BodySpace
Have you ever wondered what a social network dedicated to fitness would be like? BodySpace makes that dream a reality. This app enables users to create their own profiles, add photos, and keep their connections up to date with their blogs. BodySpace makes it incredibly easy for people to find and give support to peers.

6. MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal is a popular app geared towards keeping close tabs on calorie intake. With this app, you can log virtually all types of food/exercises using the in-depth database, log your weight, see detailed nutrition info, and even track your friends’ progress.

7. MapMyRun
With MapMyRun, it’s never been easier log a workout in real time. Record your run via a GPS-based map, and view helpful stats about your workout afterwards! (Editor’s note: another thing I love about MapMyRun is that you can plan one before you go, particularly useful if you want to cover a distance in an area with which you’re not familiar.)

8. Coach Alba
This app is a bit unique in terms of features; it is a texting robot that is solely designed to help you weather the everyday temptations that come along with dieting and fitness. You can program the app to contact you during times of the day when you often experience weaknesses, and you can even call upon “Coach Alba” when birthday cake is being shoved in your direction.

9. Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga turns your phone into a personal yoga studio. With this app, you can discover countless new poses and stretches, and you’ll be guided 100% of the way through each of your workout sessions.

10. Spring
Lastly, if you’re looking for something new and fun to listen to while working out, give Spring a try. Customize the types of music that the app plays, and even match your workouts to the music rhythms. Don’t embark on your next workout without Spring installed on your phone.

Do you use one of these apps? Which is your favorite? Is there a great one missing? Let me know!

Lynn Manning is the owner of, a site offering fitness and meal plans to women of all shapes and sizes! She is a mother of two and loves hiking and being active outdoors.

photo by Cristiano Betta on Flickr.

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  1. I wish I had know about the Moves app before I got my FitBit last year. It sounds like it’s even better since it counts pedals.

  2. Currently trying the android app from – I like the audio coaching, but the app itself needs improving. I’ve seen better comments about the iphone version, hope they can improve the android app.

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