Top 10 Workout Gifts to Ensure Your Partner Keeps Their Resolution

This is a guest post by Lucas Olmedo, Co-Founder of fligoo.

So it’s that time of year again. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife has told you about their New Year’s Resolution to get in better shape, and you’ve congratulated them on the decision while carefully avoiding any phrasing that might suggest you think they ought to have this goal.

As much as you love them just the way they are, here are some gift ideas that might help your partner stick to their new workout plan and achieve those fitness goals.

1. Agloves Original Touchscreen Gloves, iPhone Gloves, Texting Gloves
Every runner, biker and triathlete needs their pump-up tunes to push that extra mile but what if you want to change songs and keep your hands warm during your January cardio sessions? These touchscreen gloves are the solution.

2. Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Pedometer Watch
For anybody who is serious about a fitness-related resolution and wants to track their progress, must have this watch which can measure both their heart rate and calories burned.

3. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
For those who would love to have a home gym but live normal lives without tons of extra space for workout equipment. These dumbbells take almost no space to store, combining 15 sets of weights into one. Each one adjusts from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs.

4. Just Dance 4
This is the perfect way to make working out fun! You can even utilize the multiplayer mode and actively participate in helping your partner keep their resolution and burn some of those extra holiday calories off yourself.

5. Perfect Pushup
The greatest “as seen on TV” workout gift of all time. The hand grips rotate allowing you to work more muscles on each rep and go until your muscles give out. No more making excuses about how your hands hurt when you could really keep going!

6. Title Medicine Ball
No home gym is complete without a medicine ball to really make you feel the burn. Title Medicine Balls come in 10 lbs, 13 lbs, 15 lbs and 20 lbs versions for all of your workouts.

7. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro
We all must work on our abs. We all hate doing sit-ups. Ergo, we all must have the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver. With a variety of exercises to target that six-pack, the obliques and even your arms, this device makes a great gift for helping your partner reach their fitness goals.

8. 2PCS BLUE LED Flash Tyre Wheel Valve Cap Light for Car Bike bicycle Motorbicycle Wheel Light Tire Light
Riding a bike is fun. You can even ride a bike as a legitimate means of transportation on the street and get exercise as you go about your day. Now, you can do the same as you go about your evening while reducing the danger of going unseen by drivers on the roads. These LED lights attach to the wheels of your bike to alert others of your presence, and they look really cool too.

9. Wii Fit
The era of telling your boyfriend (read: child) to stop playing video games and go get some exercise are over. Nintendo has finally brought us the opportunity to do both at the same time! No excuses, you can play all the video games you want! Another opportunity to support your partner’s resolution and have fun in the process.

10. Vibram Fivefingers Kso Mens Running Shoes
The barefoot running craze is in full-force. However, there are still all sorts of nasty things one might step on on the road of self-improvement in 2014. Enter the fingered running shoe. This edition from Vibram provides the cushion and protection your partner needs to achieve their goals.

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