Video Post: Making the Most of Geek to Freak

What better way to end the year than by killing it with a geek to freak challenge?

Joining me in my first video post ever is Sal Greco, the man behind Sal’s a surfer and a fellow 4HBer getting ready to get his “freak” on.

If you’re interested in the geek to freak transformation, be sure to check out the links after the video. Sal’s got a lot of free guides designed to help you out!

He also introduces us to a new stack that will help take your transformation to the next level, but I’ll let him talk about it.

Quick note: when we recorded, the launch date for the G2F stack was November 25th, Black Friday. Due to some unforseen circumstances, he couldn’t launch. The new launch date is December 4 for the US. He’ll be sending me some discount codes to pass out.

The stack he talks about will be here shortly (as of this posting). To get the discount code as soon as it’s avilable, just click the link below and fill in your email address.
Go reserve your discount code here.

Show notes: freebies:
Geek to Freak Achievement Chart
Geek to Freak Exercise Guide
Geek to Freak Meal and Supplement Guide
Geek to Freak Grocery Shopping Guide

Follow @GeekToFreak on Twitter

4 Hour Power links:
4HP facebook page
4-Hour Power Muscle Gain stack website

Sal’s grandma’s awesome spaghetti sauce recipe – Sal’s personal website, if you want to keep track of him

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  1. Great work guys, looking forward to your big launch day! Interested to see the specifics on 4 Hour Power. Just like with many prescription medications I am a firm believer in combining “medicines” when possible to remove a barrier to initiating any treatment protocol. Having done Occam’s Protocol for about 6 months now I am sold that less gym time is better. I am down to one day per week and although I have not gone full on freak, I feel as though I am in better health, with less time in the gym…. Which is the entire reason for initiating this protocol in the first place. Anyway, enjoyed the video and thanks for all the good info.


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