Weight Loss Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Weight Loss Mistakes Even Smart People Make on FindingMyFitness.comThis is a very timely, relevant-to-me guest post from Randy McLean. I think you’ll find it useful.

When it comes to weight loss, just as much of the battle can be mental as it is physical. It’s one thing to work out and eat right for 90 days, but how about 6 months, 1 year and beyond?

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is that we live in a fast food society. We want everything now. And when we don’t get it, we become very impatient.

Losing weight and getting lean doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. It just takes small shifts in your thinking.

The key to getting lean is being disciplined and consistent. The way to do this is by identifying major reasons why people quit in the first place.

Let’s go over this list and see if you can identify with any of them:

Waiting to Feel Inspired

Sometimes you just need to tell yourself that you’re going to make a schedule and stick to it whether you feel like it or not. If you can make a commitment like this, there is really no stopping you.

It really depends how badly you want to change your body and reach your goal. You get out of it what you put into it.

As the months go by you will actually want to do your workouts naturally just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. It will become a habit and part of your routine.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Your primary goal should be to become the best you that you can be. Yes, it might sound cheesy but it’s true.

Some people progress faster than others while some progress slower. You can’t change your genetics so you should only compare yourself to you.

Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. There will be some better than you, and you will be better than some.

That’s just how it is. Don’t let it discourage you and keep on trucking!

The All or Nothing Approach

If it’s one thing that makes people quit it’s perfectionism. You don’t need the perfect workout or the perfect diet in order to succeed.

If you cheat and eat a piece of chocolate cake don’t throw in the towel! Take it for what it is and keep going.

You can’t change the past, only the present. We’re only human and we all experience ups and downs.

Sometimes you may lose 3 pounds in one week, other weeks you might not lose any.

Keep the big picture in mind.

Paralysis by Analysis

This is also known as over researching. Yes, it’s important to be able to create a sound plan but not to the point where you don’t take action.

A lot of people spend too much time getting ready to get ready. You don’t need the perfect diet or supplementation program.

Just start implementing what you know right now. You can make good progress this way and learn the intricacies as you progress.

Thinking There’s Only 1 Way to Accomplish Your Goal

This can be one of the most deceptive mistakes people make and it kind of ties in with paralysis by analysis. It’s human nature to want to be led by the hand to find that magic formula that will melt fat from your body.

And it can also keep us from getting started, which is half the battle. You need to realize that any sound exercise and eating plan will work.

You just need to find what works for you. It depends on what you like to do and how you like to eat.

I hope this list has opened your eyes to see a much larger picture. I listed these 5 things because they were the biggest hurdles preventing me from getting into shape.

If you have experienced a lot of “false starts” in the past, one of these things just might be the culprit.

Which one do you fall prey to most often? How do you get out of it? Share your story in the comments below!

About the author: Randy McLean is a fitness enthusiast and sole creator of Lean Lifestyle Tips. He not only documents his own journey but shares tips geared towards people who want to get lean the healthy way. You can learn more at: http://www.LeanLifeStyleTips.com

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  1. Jackie Trout says

    Oh my gosh. I was the over researcher and the all or nothing. After so much of stopping and starting and failing so much I realized I couldn’t keep gorging the day before I start a diet. Like, I can’t be 60 and still eating this way and be enjoying life. At what point do I eat like an “adult” and stop making eating decisions like a child? This is where my eating habits have gotten me so I need to make a change. I’ve surrendered my heart to Christ, my finances to Christ, but never my eating habits. So, I finally gave them up to the Lord and just started making better decisions. I’m not 100% perfect all the time, but it’s miles ahead of what I was doing. 1 Corinthians 13:11 “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”

  2. Hey Jackie,

    Diet can be a tricky area for some because let’s face it – food is one of life’s pleasures! Just like anything else, it can be abused. For me, it got to the point where I finally had enough and wanted to do it. I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I only made changes I felt comfortable with and didn’t take the next step until I was ready. Slowly, over a period of 8 months I finally reached my goal. I kept a sticky note on my fridge that said “I want to weight 145!” Every time I felt like giving up or cheating I simply looked at my note as a reminder. It helped me tremendously.

  3. I do really believe that the ultimate drive towards consistent wellness is self-motivation. You need to motivate yourself to make your body move and groove. The most common mistake for me is that you get to compare yourself to other people. No, that only makes you feel humiliated only because you think they are better than you.. and then you start having lesser and lesser drive at all. What we need is to find a buddy and we workout with them. At first I did not believe that people can really socialize and build good physique at the same time. That was pretty amazing!

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